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My grandma made these cookies for Pesach every year. They are far from healthy and they never look inviting, but they are easy, cheap and taste so good. Requirements Procedure And enjoy!

following this blogpost by Danny Oosterveer i’ve added a chart within home assistant that includes the dynamic power pricing per hour of the current day. However it was, in my opinion, a bit hard to few at a glance. To change this, i’ve added colors to differentiate between “cheap” and “expensive” hours. I’ve put the code up on my git.

Important note Before you start, keep in mind that the choosen name will also be the mount point from root. So if you call the raidz device “storagebox”, it will be auto-mounted as /storagebox. Also, for the official ZFS documentation, go to the OpenZFS project website. Basic installation First install the requirements dnf install epel-release kernel-devel dnf install$(rpm –eval “%{dist}”).noarch.rpm dnf install zfs Now ensure ZFS gets loaded on boot Create drive Create a ZFS raidz2 pool (assuming RAID6 alike setup, use raidz1 for RAID5 alike) Now create, if applicable, the LOGs cache (this will be a RAID1 alike mirror) Statistics See advanced statistics with the zpool status and zpool iostat command zpool status zpool iostat zpool iostat extended Drive scrubbing Use this to auto-scrub the drives once a week Replace a faulty disk After every command, zpool status will show you what it actually did. Place the faulty…

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Well let’s start this of with a quick show of my playground. My total network exists 5 cloud VPS’s, two physical servers of which one is a hypervisor. With exception of the hypervisor, which is Proxmox VE, i’ve chosen to run Alma Linux on all my servers. I used to run CentOS, but with all the crap Red Hat pulled they lost all forms of trust with me. I initially switched from CentOS to OpenSUSE which ran fine until one of my physical servers kept giving issues with kernel modules. Because my installations are all build in Ansible and i don’t want to maintain multiple Ansible sets for different distributions, this made me switch to Alma Linux. For naming, i’ve chosen a Star Trek team (which evendently is one of my favorite tv shows) naming all the servers after one of the following Hypervisor – Starfleet location/starbaseApplication server – Starfleet…

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