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This is a dish made in a slowcooker or in a iron cast on the BBQ.Personaly i prefer using the slowcooker, so the steps are written for that process. Requirements– Blade steak or Brisket, at least 1Kg– Some baking butter for searing the meat– 2 unions– About 350 ml of beef broth– 1 clove of garlic, crushed and then finely sliced– Tomato paste, 1 medium can (250gr)– 2 cloves (stamped to a crumble)– 2 bay leaves– About 100ml of Sambal, to taste (more is hotter)– Salt and Pepper– Some small peppers if you like– Rice (if you eat it, i don’t) StepsFirst, cut the meat in smaller portions, the size of regular burned ends or a bit larger is fine. Everyone preffers its own meat size, just don’t keep it as one or a couple of really big slaps of meat. Remember it has to fit in the cast or…

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