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This is a dish made in a slowcooker or in a iron cast on the BBQ.Personaly i prefer using the slowcooker, so the steps are written for that process. Requirements– Blade steak or Brisket, at least 1Kg– Some baking butter for searing the meat– 2 unions– About 350 ml of beef broth– 1 clove of garlic, crushed and then finely sliced– Tomato paste, 1 medium can (250gr)– 2 cloves (stamped to a crumble)– 2 bay leaves– About 100ml of Sambal, to taste (more is hotter)– Salt and Pepper– Some small peppers if you like– Rice (if you eat it, i don’t) StepsFirst, cut the meat in smaller portions, the size of regular burned ends or a bit larger is fine. Everyone preffers its own meat size, just don’t keep it as one or a couple of really big slaps of meat. Remember it has to fit in the cast or…

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My grandma made these cookies for Pesach every year. They are far from healthy and they never look inviting, but they are easy, cheap and taste so good. Requirements Procedure And enjoy!