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Well let’s start this of with a quick show of my playground. My total network exists 5 cloud VPS’s, two physical servers of which one is a hypervisor. With exception of the hypervisor, which is Proxmox VE, i’ve chosen to run Alma Linux on all my servers. I used to run CentOS, but with all the crap Red Hat pulled they lost all forms of trust with me. I initially switched from CentOS to OpenSUSE which ran fine until one of my physical servers kept giving issues with kernel modules. Because my installations are all build in Ansible and i don’t want to maintain multiple Ansible sets for different distributions, this made me switch to Alma Linux. For naming, i’ve chosen a Star Trek team (which evendently is one of my favorite tv shows) naming all the servers after one of the following Hypervisor – Starfleet location/starbaseApplication server – Starfleet…

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